Rainham and District Badminton League


The Badminton Association of England Rules and Laws shall be adopted with the following exceptions:

Courts shall be fully marked out, but back service line will be omitted if courts are short. The service area shall be the minimum laid down in the rules.

Posts shall be on the side lines and if not, two pieces of tape to be displayed in place of posts.


A scorer only will be provided. He will only call the score, but in the case of a dispute he can insist on a let being played.

The same type of shuttlecock must be used throughout the match, nylon cork base Yonex Mavis 370 or Yonex Mavis 600.

Local Hall rules shall be observed and shall be clearly indicated at the beginning of the match.

Lighting shall be the best the facilities allow.


The Season shall be 1st September – 7th June. Any outstanding matches beyond this date must have the approval of the Fixture Secretary before being played.

All matches shall commence at 7.00 p.m. unless otherwise stated in the Club Directory.

It is the responsibility of the Home Captain to ensure that a match is completed in the time available. Any games that have not been started or remain unfinished shall be conceded by the Home Team. The Home Captain shall have the power to direct that any games not started be curtailed in order to complete the match.


Each club shall play two fixtures with each other club in the same division, one fixture being played at home, the other away. This shall apply irrespective of the condition or size of the court or courts on which a club normally plays. The Laws and Regulations of Badminton for the time being sanctioned by the Badminton Association of England shall otherwise apply and the club playing at home shall provide new shuttles of an accepted quality.  A fixture shall comprise each pair of one team playing the best of three twenty-one rally point games (a rubber) with each pair of the other team. The normal order of play may only be altered by the mutual consent of both team captains.


Each match shall consist of 9 games. The first named home pair shall play 1st, 6thand 8th Second named home pair shall play 2nd, 4thand 9th, and the third named home pair shall play 3rd, 5th and 7th games. The first named away pair shall play 1st, 4thand 7thgames, the second away pair shall play 2nd, 5thand 8thgames, and the third named away pair shall play the 3rd, 6th and 9th games.


In the case of the Ladies “4s” matches, each match shall consist of 6 games. Players shall be graded from 1 to 4 in order of playing ability, 1 being the strongest. Games will be played against ladies of equal grade as follows: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 1 and 4, 2 and 3.

In the event of a tie in number of games won, the match will be decided by consideration of ends won, then points won and lost. Games may be played out of order if both the Home and Away Captains are in agreement.


In the event that only two pairs from each team turn up for a Mens match, then the match should be played using the Ladies “4s” format.

If both teams turn up to a Mixed fixture with only 2 pairs then the fixture cannot be played in the normal format. If both teams agree, the fixture can be played as a 6 rubber match. In level doubles each player partners each team-mate against the corresponding opposition pair.  In mixed doubles the players will compete as follows:-

Home Team                                 Away Team
M1 + L1                                          M1 + L1
M2 + L2                                         M2 + L2
M2 + L2                                         M1 + L1
M1 + L1                                          M2 + L2
M1 + L2                                         M1 + L2
M2 + L1                                         M2 + L1

All 6 rubbers must be completed.  In all other circumstances the fixture must be remade.

The first game must be ready to play within 20 minutes of the nominated starting time. If not opponents may claim the first game, and so on through the evening.

i.e. starting time                                                       7.00 p.m.
1stpair not ready by                                                 7.20 p.m.  – concede 1 game
2ndpair not ready by                                               7.40 p.m.  – concede 2 games
3rdpair not ready by                                                8.00 p.m.  – concede 3 games
1stpair still not ready by                                        8.20 p.m.  – concede 4 games

In the event of more than one court being available it will be necessary for 2 pairs to be ready by 7.20 p.m. etc. This rule equally applies to the home club arriving late. However, only if both Captains agree you may play the games out of order in an effort to conform to the footnote at the end of the rules. If a club is playing on more than one court, this should be clearly defined in the Club directory.

Once a player has commenced to play in a fixture and is unable to continue for any reason, no substitute shall be permitted to take his/her place.

Persons who earn their living primarily from Badminton are banned from matches under the jurisdiction of the League unless given prior League approval by the League Committee in writing.

Three league points shall be awarded to the team winning a completed fixture, and one point shall be awarded to the losing team, provided that this team comprised at least two eligible pairs. Three league points shall also be awarded to a team which has a fixture conceded to them and the conceding team shall have one point deducted.

Clubs shall submit by 1stOctober a list of players that will represent the Club in matches under the jurisdiction of the League. Only players so listed shall be eligible for matches. Amendments to this list will be accepted by the Fixture Secretary up to 1st If clubs desire to register a player after 1stFebruary, they shall apply to the League Secretary in writing and the Committee shall be empowered to so register that player provided that the circumstances justify it.

Should any Club field an ineligible player, the games played by that player shall be forfeited.

A player may play for one club in a Mixed League and another club in a Ladies/Mens League. Players may transfer to another Rainham League Club during the season subject to rule 14 above. Additionally, the Club losing the player shall notify the Fixture Secretary in writing.

Nominations– All clubs must nominate ALL teams (Ladies, Mens, Combo & Mixed). Clubs shall nominate 6 players per team (4 players per team for Ladies “4s”) and nominated players may not play down. (Clubs entering ABCD etc. teams are to nominate 6 players for each team. Any player who plays up more than three times shall be deemed to be nominated for the team above and will no longer be eligible for the lower team. In a mixed team 3 ladies and 3 men shall be nominated. It is imperative that clubs nominate their known best players and the Committee will adjudge the nominations. Nominations must be submitted to the League Committee by 15thSeptember and amendments to nominations will be accepted by the Fixture Secretary before 1stFebruary each season provided they are confirmed in writing within 7 days. Once a player is denominated he/she cannot play up for a higher team for the rest of the season. Nominated players must play at least 50% of the matches for the team for which they are nominated unless valid reasons are accepted by the Committee. Breach of this rule may result in matches being forfeited.

The League winners shall be decided by the team winning most matches. In the event of a tie the League shall be decided on aggregate. In the event of a tie on aggregate there shall be a play-off on a neutral court, to be decided by the League Committee, costs being shared between the teams. The above rules also cover relegation issues.

Teams must observe the date on which fixtures are arranged. Where halls are unavailable on a pre-arranged date, the match shall be re-arranged between both clubs. The only other acceptable reason for rearranging a match is in the interest of playing a Cup match which shall take precedence over the playing of a League match. However, in the spirit of getting matches played, if bothteams agree a match may be rearranged. In such circumstances, agreement to an acceptable alternative date should be made at the time of requesting the postponement.

Promotion and Relegation– One team shall be promoted and one team shall be demoted from each Division. The second placed team in the lower division will be given the option to be promoted should they so wish. In the event that the option is exercised the second placed from bottom team in the higher division shall be demoted.

Clubs are responsible for having trophies won engraved. Trophies are to be returned by 1stApril each year. Any failure will involve the League having trophies engraved and charging the full cost to Clubs concerned.

Results to be reported by Home and Away teams on a postcard stating the date, League section, teams (home and away respectively) and result. These cards to be signed and sent to the Fixture Secretary. The result card should be filled in at the match by a representative and posted within 24 hours.

New clubs can enter the Rainham League in a higher position than the bottom divisions, if their strength warrants it, and providing there is space and it is not to the detriment of any existing teams. The Rainham League Committee’s decision is final.

Any question which arises and is not governed by the foregoing regulations shall be reported in writing to the League Secretary not later than 14 days after the event and the Committee ruling will be binding.

All Clubs affiliated to the Rainham & District Badminton League must be affiliated to Kent Badminton Ltd. In particular, attention is drawn to Rule 6(c) of the Rules of Association of KBL relating to payment of affiliation fees, except that the match score will stand and the defaulting club will have a further penalty point deducted.

Conceded matches– the conceding team loses 1 point and the opposition receives 3 points. In order to avoid unnecessary distortion of the Leagues, the Fixture Secretary shall award games to the teams in a manner deemed fit based on other results within the League affected.

Non-played matches – Where, due to no fault of either team, a match cannot be played within the period set at 4 above, one point shall be awarded to each team with no adjustment to games for or against.

Where a Club have more than one team in the same Division of the league, the fixtures between these teams should be played at the beginning of the Season, and no later than 30th

Composite teams shall consist of two Ladies and four Men, and matches shall consist of four Mixed, one Ladies and four Mens doubles rubbers.


June 2017